Amazon Web Services (AWS) are a top-notch hosting provider which gives a huge number of services wherein you can run your applications on the cloud. AWS constantly expand their global footprint and add new features. They are considered a reliable vendor, being a market leader since 2006.

Also, AWS continuously innovate their infrastructure, data centers, networks, and hardware which make them affordable for a larger audience. With the help of AWS you can launch your project in minutes and scale it without taking big risks.

Easy start

Sign-up process in very quick and doesn’t require any documents or official agreements. If it is your first experience with AWS, you can stick to free services to try them out. If you have a small project which doesn’t require a big storage space or powerful servers, you can use AWS for free during your first year.

Scalability and agility

AWS give a quick access to a huge pool of configurable resources, which speeds up the innovation. You can easily add new dev environment to scale up your project or remove a server when you don’t need it anymore.

The cloud enables you to spin thousands of instances in minutes which is very helpful while testing new ideas. With AWS you don’t need to hire multiple human resources to take care of data centers, servers, storage, cabling, and other stuff. Few simple steps and all the necessary services are at your disposal; now you can focus on your project.

Global footprint and stability

For the time being, AWS offers over 165 fully featured services from 15 data centers globally. These data centers consist of 66 Availability Zones within 21 geographic regions. You can choose any data center to host your software regardless of your location and be sure that all the data is backed up and won’t be lost due to any weather conditions.

Clear billing

Each service has a clear price per hour, which is very comfortable to use. Moreover, you can check out microbilling for every instance. The integrated billing dashboard enables you to pull out reports based on various parameters.

AWS offer region and time specific prices. Yearly subscription will be much cheaper than signing up on an on-demand basis. Sometimes when you sign up for a 3-year term, you can get even get up to 60% discount.

Safety and Regulations

Usually, starting a new business requires signing a lot of documents and meeting a big number of state regulations. Also, many users will be concerned about the safety issue while providing private health details or credit card data. AWS are specifically designed public cloud services which protect users’ data and meet all the necessary regulations.

A great variety of services

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) provides bare server to launch and run your software. When you use EC2 IAM roles, the SDK will automatically get the correct credentials for you.

VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) lets you create networks in the cloud and then run your software in these networks.

ELB (Elastic Load Balancing) gives the ability to scale up and down quickly in response to workload. It balances incoming traffic to multiple machines. This way you can scale up the number of users and your app will never be down due to the load.

S3 (Simple Storage Service) gives an opportunity to upload and share files. With AWS you don’t need to risk and store application state on the local filesystem. All the uploads will go directly to S3.

RDS (Relational Database Service) allows running and managing different databases on the cloud ( e.g. MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Aurora).

Route53 helps to manage global and scalable DNS service.


Years of experience have shown us that AWS has multiple benefits in comparison to other hosting providers. It is widely used by fastest-growing startups, huge enterprises, and various government agencies. At Incora we value stability, speed, scalability, and customer success overall, that’s why we often recommend this service to our clients.